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My name is James Elton: digital consultant and self-classified workaholic. You’ll usually find me working with businesses to develop innovative strategies for new growth.

Brand Development

I can work with you to develop targeted marketing campaigns that connect you, your product or service with right people, at the right time.

• Branding + Rebranding
• Design: Digital + Print

Social Media + Strategy

You might have the best idea in the world, but what good is it if nobody has heard about it? I can help you develop a consistent tone of voice to engage with your audience through the relevant social media platforms.

• Content Creation
• Digital Ad Campaigns

Analytics + Website Management

I use website and social media data to pinpoint your ideal customer and focus on key areas of your business.

• Reports
• Website Design

We employed James to help us improve our social media presence in our industry and help oversee our new website. Being in the construction industry, we didn't really know what had to be done or where to start but James took care of every aspect and we now integrated in the best areas of social media.

Thanks to James, we also have a much better understanding of how best to utilize this important tool for business development. James is creative and approachable. He get's results and our increased revenue is largely thanks to his involvement. Would highly recommend his services.

Martin Burke
Managing Director at Contrada Group

James is a highly skilled specialist, who's industry-specific expertise, as well as his previous professional background, has merged to enable him to provide an invaluable service.

Unrivalled attention to detail, efficiency and innovative thinking are just some of the qualities that make him and the service he provides such a necessary aspect of your marketing / PR / development strategy.

A sharp, motivated and professional individual with his finger on the pulse. James is a "must-have" for any team or organisation in search of a notably adept social media specialist.

Jade Edinburgh
Head of Business Development at Presence Orb

James is a rare talent with bags packed full of enthusiasm. He listens, understands and genuinely cares about helping you to reach your goals - and if you’re not sure what your goals are, he’ll help you find them!

Joe Million
Director & Designer at Seesaw


Over the past few years I have acquired extensive knowledge within the realms of Digital, Social Media and Web Analytics by working closely with various clients and brands who operate in very different markets.

In this day and age Social Media is extremely important for your business! Not only is it the best way to create brand awareness but it also drives traffic to your website, increases search engine rankings (SEO) and decreases your marketing costs (to name a few).

My goal is to provide you an honest service and a solution that is cost effective, easy to understand and beneficial to your business. Let’s work together! Drop James an email to get started!

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